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Benny's Story - Please Read

12-3-09 ~ 7-5-09. Just 8 weeks old.

Beautiful Benny

I recently became the lucky owner of two beautiful Border collie pups Benny, a blue and white boy and Belle a chocolate-tri girl.

I had just moved into a house with a big backyard with lots of plants for them to hide and play, little did I know that a Daffodil bulb would be the fate of my beloved Benny

One normal morning I left them at the usual time to go to work, I remember looking out the window and seeing them play ‘chassie' around a tree in the yard, they were both very happy and having a great time.

I returned home at 1.30pm for lunch. After calling them and having only Belle greet me, I automatically knew something was wrong. I found Benny laying under a tree, unresponsive, making whimpering noises, very hot and unable to stand or move. I rushed him straight to the vets.

Whilst they worked on him I went back home to try and find the culprit that had made Benny so sick. Initially I thought it must have been a snake bite. But when I found a dug up Daffodil bulb and took it into the vet, they informed me that Daffodils, the leaves, flowers and especially the bulbs were extremely toxic to dogs.

Benny spent 7 hours fighting for his little life. Unfortunately the toxins were too strong and his body went into shutdown. Benny passed away on the 7 May at 9.30pm.

I am telling this story to share Benny’s story and hopefully create awareness about pets and toxic plants - especially Daffodils.

For a full grown dog, only 15g of a Daffodil plant needs to be digested for it to be fatal. 50% of dogs who ingest any part of a Daffodil plant will die. It can be very tricky to diagnose as symptoms present much like those of a snake bite.

There is also no known antidote.

Symptoms include: Diarrhoea Vomiting Staggering Collapse Unconsciousness Coma Death in a few hours.

If you have a dog, thinking of getting a dog, know someone with a dog or thinking of getting a dog PLEASE forward this on. Benny’s death wont be in vain, and his story can help to save another dog’s life and their owners a lot of heartache.

Benny was with me for less than a week, but in that short time he filled my heart with so much joy and love. I miss him so much everyday.

Kristy & Belle

Benny & Belle


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