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GinGin - National Frisbee Champion in Japan

Back in early 2004 a couple in Japan asked could they purchase a puppy from me, At first I was a bit reluctant but checked things out and was satisfied they would give the pup a great home,

Japan does not have the space like we have in Australia and many couples choose not to have children at all, their dogs become their children. They de-sex their animals and are very responsible and loving people. They did not wish to purchase a puppy in Japan as most of the border collies there are show quality, as they wanted the Border collie with the original drive.

They do have large areas where they take their dogs to and stimulate their mind as well as body. They walk the dogs 2 hours each morning and over an hour each night every day of the week. then spend all weekend with them.

Gingin made the trip to Japan and never looked back; she soon became a very keen player of the Frisbee in agility and dancing. Frisbee was her speciality, and she became the national champion in Japan, Friends of theirs had also purchased a tri coloured male 6 months after Gingin arrived and he also did extremely well in agility.

Earlier this year came an email “Hello from Japan”. Noriko and Yosho Hoshina wanted a sibling for Gingin, this time a tri coloured male, but from similar bloodlines to Gingin and a friend of theirs also wanted one as they loved and were very impressed with Gingin,.

Imagine the surprise I got when they said they were coming to Australia to pick up the pups

Their stay was very short but they loved Australia and could not get over the space we have for our dogs and the large runs, yards and paddocks we have. They saw the whelping rooms had air-conditioning and heating, as well as surveillance cameras in the whelping runs to keep watch on mums and puppies.

I felt very privileged to have met such a lovely couple and to see they were prepared to come all the way from Japan to meet us and see our set up, and to pick up their new baby It is an experience none of us will forget.

The new tri coloured puppy would be called M.J. famous initial for Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan famous basketball player Michael Johnson of the United States.

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