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Coat Colours

Arajoel Border Collies are well known for our diverse range of coat colours. Including the (potentially) world first lilac-tri

Bingo is believed to be a world first registered with the N.K.C. he can produce 9 different colours, carrying all the colour genes except for the merle, those being;

chocolate/white, blue/white, lilac/white,
red/white, sable/white, black-tri. chocolate-tri,
blue-tri, lilac-tri, and black/white


He is a big gentle sook and very much part of our family. He has been DNA tested and is CL clear, CEA carrier and has a hip and elbow score 4.0

Bingo was proudly bred and owned by Thea Parr, 
who established Arajoel Border collies, in 1967

"BINGO" Arajoel Hasa Lilactri.

Arajoel "Tofi"

She too is a really rare Lilac Tri and can produce all the different colours, just like Her Dad, 
She has been DNA tested and is CL clear, CEA clear


Chocolate & White


Blue & White


Red & White


Black, Tan & White


Chocolate Tri


Blue, Tan & White

Red, Tan & White

Red Tri


Lilac Tri Merle

Blue Tri Merle


Black & White

Standard Tri

Blue Tri

Chocolate, Tan & White

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