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Puppy Farm Horror

My experience with puppy farmers cost me twelve thousand dollars.

It seems no matter how careful we are when we sell our puppies they still sometimes get into the wrong hands.

I had an experience with a woman who, while not physical cruel to the dogs, suddenly became greedy for profit and started pushing pups from two of my bitches. She did this litter after litter, never resting them for a “heat season”.

It started when I received a call from a lady in the Condobolin area.

She rang me in tears early 2010 and was extremely upset about two of her border collies she lost a couple of days apart and they had just been heartworm vaccinated she had one with her and the other one was with a friend to look after, both were vaccinated for Heartworm at the same time at the same surgery. This was quite genuine and my guess is it was a faulty batch or outdated heartworm vaccinations. She had desexed the bitches and she kept all vaccinations up to date so seemed a responsible owner, She did ask as she was on acreage she would like to purchase two pups and breed a litter from them occasionally. I finally agreed and she purchased a red and a chocolate bitch from me.

I felt I could trust her, so I put the pups on Main Register and I asked that she do everything by the book, also joining Dogs NSW, becoming a registered breeder and getting her own prefix. I even recommended a red male stud dog for her from another breeder.

Well how wrong I was to be so trusting.

When the bitches come into season she had not done anything about keeping the dogs separated so naturally the bitches mated and had puppies.

The owner of the sire got onto her because she  did join Dogs NSW but also let membership run out after the twelve months and never registered any of the litters she bred or had not become a registered breeder, as she promised.  

Bitches can come into season 4 to 6 months after having a litter so she had not long sold all those puppies, and they came into season again.

She advertised the pups in various websites, when she sold the puppies she supplied a photo copy of each parent letting people know the parents came from well know reputable breeders but the puppies themselves were naturally not registered. Her asking price was as much or more than what registered breeders were asking.

She was also declaring them CL, CEA, and TNS clear. This I knew may not have been the case as the sire to both bitches she had were TNS and CEA carriers. Fortunately the sire was clear but anyone who decided to breed further from those pups she bred and sold them, may well be carriers as well and this could end up a disaster, especially TNS as it is a killer if affected.

She continued to breed from both bitches litter after litter without giving them a break. 
It’s a small world when it comes to Border collie breeding, other Border collie breeders saw the advertisements and contacted me they know my dogs, after breeding coloured border collies since 1967 people can pick my bloodlines.

I tried to talk to the woman several times begging her to give them a twelve month or more rest. But to her, the only rest they got was in-between heats never resting them whilst actually in season.

I offered to purchase them back from her but she ended up yelling and talking nonsense and her son was yelling in the background, he had a record of violence as well as on a cruelty record.

She would advertise them on several websites, and because she lives in Condobolin area she offered a drop off point in Glebe in Sydney, on a certain date after people had paid her the deposit.

She even went to Sydney to do the microchip course and she was able to microchip all the puppies herself.

I also do Pet Rescue and have a friend doing the microchip course in Sydney, she was also a Pet Rescue member doing the course and said she saw the woman who had several puppies with her at the time and she told my friend she did breed an occasional litter.

After the woman let her membership with Dogs NSW run out they could not fine her, as by that time she was also cross breeding the girls with Poodles, advertising the puppies as “Bordoodles”. She was asking $1500 - $2000 per pup.

They were not registered of course as any dog or pup with the word “oodle” on the end of it was just a money making back yard breeder. Poodles also have their share of health issues
I spoke to a few people in the area but none wanted anything to do with her or her son.
One person begged me to try to get the dogs back as they were being bred to death. People emailed her asking was she interested in selling any of her breeding bitches, but she had no intension of retiring them till they were seven.
Another local contacted me saying she had just joined one of the bitches again but now to the male Poodles, they were to afraid to say anything because of the repercussion of what her son may do as he was described as mad and dangerous. I had also spoken to Condobolin police and they said the same.

For two years I kept hearing and seeing advertisements on the internet of her pups she had got extra Poodles, to cross breed with the Border collie she purchased from me. Some of the pups were quite ordinary looking so she reduced the price.

Many nights I could not sleep as I lay worrying about them, then after receiving another call from someone in the area I knew I had to do something.

The only way I had a chance of getting the girls back was to offer her an enormous sum of money.

I sought legal advice, drafted up a letter and offered her $12,000 for the return of the dogs, or else take Civil action, but doing it through a solicitor.

My calculations had to offer such a large amount because in around fifteen to eighteen months she could breed that amount from the two girls even though the litters were getting smaller, due to continuous breeding.
We drew up a letter signed by a solicitor and was finally sent to her. 
After a few weeks my solicitor informed me she had accepted my offer.

Surprisingly, she then rang me and asked me would I take 2 extra Border collie bitches that she had just purchased from a puppy farmer and would I find them new homes.
She had actually purchased three more border collies from another puppy farmer that came from Cobram. The puppy farmer had apparently had been told by council to cut back their dogs, some of those were transported elsewhere north of Sydney and they were advertised for sale. 
The two she asked me to take to rehome was a blue and black/white

I was very surprised when she asked me to take the two extra dogs but she told me she was giving it all up and would sign whatever I wanted of her.
I asked would she be prepared to sign a Statutory Declaration that she would no longer breed any more dogs on her premises for the purpose of selling puppies and it be signed by JP. She readily agreed but asked that she wanted to sell 3 pups she currently had from a Bordoodle (Border collie X poodle) mated back to a Poodle but she would never breed any more after this for the purpose of selling them. I was happy with that. She only wanted to keep 2 male border collies, one of the ones she had purchased from the other puppy farmer from Cobram and a male she bred from one of my chocolate girl to the stud male Border collie. 

The red stud male Border collie who I had recommended to her in the beginning was shot by a neighbour as it went into their paddock and chased the sheep.
She was very fond of that male dog, just like she was the chocolate bitch of mine.
Unfortunately it seems the red girl was leading the male dog into the neighbours paddock. The neighbour saw a dog and shot it 
The neighbour took it back to her and her son and they were most upset and said they should have shot the female, as she was the one who led the male into his paddock.
It was all very sad, and when she purchased the other three from the other puppy farmer which was less than a week earlier and saw how extremely timid and how frightened the two females were, also after loosing her red boy who had been shot a few months earlier she had a change of heart and asked me would I take the two females as well and re-home them.

 I am so glad she had a change of heart and then gladly took the other two timid girls as well.
These two bitches a blue and a black/white had just been used breeding. They had never had any affection just been badly treated. You could not put your hand to them, they would cower back and they were terrified, 
They would cower right down and my heart just bled for them. The blue girl now called Crystal had her ear ripped possibly by another dog and there was a great tear in it and the tip had folded back instead of forward. I can only imagine the pain and fear this poor girl was in when it was not attended to by human, but had to heal itself. She was even more terrified of men.

The dogs were not even given a name except Gunshot and Winchester was on the m/c details. How cruel is that. Data on the dogs had never been entered at that time
Although the woman who had my two girls, I know she was not physical cruel to them, and they had them inside and outside though they were also tied up at times, but she did keep their vaccinations and worming up to date. They were in good condition when I got them back which I was grateful for. I did notice that if you raised your voice they would also coward with tails between their legs, you need not necessarily raise you voice to them but they were still nervous. I do not blame this onto the woman who bought them but most likely on her son from what I had been told

The other two who came from the Cobram puppy farm was a very sad story. They had been very badly treated,
A close friend of mine did the exchange of the dogs and got them back in a meeting at West Wyalong. Everything was signed and documented, and the all transfers were made and signed, the Stat. Dec. was signed and witnessed by JP in West Wyalong in the courthouse. The two from the puppy farm were surrendered to Arajoel Rescue
I was finally relieved it was all done and at last this once previous greedy breeder had now relented and I had peace of mind.
It was a huge price to pay including legal fees, of $500 and it was not something I wanted to do or could afford especially when I think of so may other needy things the money could have gone towards, not to mention my own medical and health issues I had which cost four times that amount. 
But this was my priority as everyone has their priorities so this was my choice. Also the money had been earned by my dogs so it seemed only right to use it now to help them

My two border collies now known as Penny and Rose now are in Wollongong have the most wonderful home they go to the beach live a life of luxury. Rose will not leave her new mum, she was starving for affection and sleeps right beside her new mums bed and is like a shadow to her. Both are still slightly timid
Penny has now also changed and loves life especially on the beach she is full of life and wants to play and chase the ball when thrown into the sea, she will dive in after the ball even if it sinks. Rose also has a half sibling at this new wonderful home who was also bred by myself and they love to play together. Rose is also more timid if you raise your voice she cowards she is just a very soft little girl. She was in season when I got her back but naturally not joined, she will be desexed now she is finished her heat, and in her new home. Penny was immediately desexed.

The other two very timid frightened girls Crystal and Velvet were both desexed two days after I got them. The vet said one was about 10 day pregnant. This would not have been the doing of the woman who had my two, but where they previously came from.
We could not fix the tear on Crystal’s ear it had happened to long ago, it will forever be a reminder of the terrible life she once had.

I listed them on Pet Rescue and had quite a few inquiries as their story touched so many people’s hearts.
After a lot of thought I decided to let them go together to a lovely couple in Perth. It was a long trip for them and I knew it would set them back a bit more for a few days but in the end I knew it was the right home for them both.
It will take a very long time, or even years for them to be no longer afraid of people. Especially men. 
Crystal’s new mum was walking her and gradually getting her used to the lead, she stopped to talk to someone and Crystal just sat back quietly. Then a big man came towards them and he had some sort of staffie cross breed with him and poor Crystal just totally freaked out she was absolutely terrified and yelped in fear trying to get away. Her new owner was quick to hold and comfort her. So our guess is she was badly treated by a man and it happened when she was on the lead and that is also possibly when another dog attacked her and ripped her ear, The poor darling will never forget it. She still has so much fear to overcome.

If you love your dogs and care for your puppies as I do then I hope this will never happen to you,
A dog has nothing but unconditional love to give for all of its life with you, they should be treated as part of the family and never as puppy making machines.

Several months later the woman contacted me again and asked would I take one more dog which she had originally decided to keep, He was a stunning b/w boy who had been used for stud, she said she would only keep the one dog for herself a border collie x poodle and could I also find him a good home. I knew then for sure she no longer wanted to breed She could have easily sold this dog for good money for a stud dog to another puppy farmer, but was more concerned about his welfare. He went to a wonderful home with a lady in Victoria who already had a rescue and just lives for her dogs. Geordie is now also a very happy handsome boy.

Geordie & Sammy

In September four months prior to my paying this person for the return of the dogs, I discovered I had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Results were good and I did not need chemo or radiation. Less then two weeks after that I had major hip surgery. I got the dogs back 17th February. In March 2014 I have just had a shoulder reconstruction; I still need two more lots of surgery, an abdominal one and one being for my painful lower back
Unfortunately I had no health insurance, so it all came at great expense. I am 67 and almost all my savings have now gone, but I really want to have some on hand for pet rescue again, as well as it cost my own savings but the dogs mean everything to me

 I would like to thank the many people and friends who helped and supported me through this ordeal, Especially Tina who did the exchange and picked up the dogs for me and sorted out all the legal paper work. Most of all I thank God for helping me through this ordeal as He has helped me so many times when animals were suffering and he guided me to help them as the good Lord always does. I believe He put me on earth to help these animals especially Dogs.

Myself visiting the home where Penny and Rose are and it was almost as if they knew me. They gave me lots of licks to thank me for rescuing them. It was great to see how much they are loved in their new home with their mother and siblings, I’m sure they know I was responsible for their rescue.

Dogs are my life. Thea Parr
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